Working with Erin has opened my mind to a new positive way of living each day. Her knowledge, passion, and guidance helped rid me of negativity and unwanted emotions affecting my daily life. Always feeling uplifted after a meeting and armed with the tools necessary to live a healthier happier life. An amazing practice taught and shared by an amazing coach.  – Gennifer H.

Since I have been seeing Erin Santos for life coaching, I have been more positive in the way I see the world and how I feel on a daily basis. I’m a happier person because I’m not letting the negativity in the world bring me down. I am more aware of my thoughts and feelings which is allowing me to have more positive days instead of just trying to get through the day.

I highly recommend Erin Santos for coaching if you are feeling down and negative in any area of your life. She is kind, caring and very understanding. She has a warm, positive energy that allows you to feel comfortable and open.  – Theresa M.

After working with Erin I feel that I am a more grounded person. She has helped me with numerous issues I felt I could not overcome. I also found that they were somewhat connected to previous issues I never dealt with even as a child, they were somehow all connected. Erin has guided me to realize my self-worth and basically how to prepare myself for each day attracting positive events. She is a great listener and has nothing but positive things to say to help you get through your tough times. She can help you have a better outlook on life.  – Antonio S. 

Erin’s coaching has allowed me to focus on what is truly important to me in my life. I used to get bogged down in the everyday struggles that we all face and lose focus on what was important to me or what I wanted to improve in myself. The coaching sessions I did with Erin soon crystalized what I wanted in myself, and defined goals that I now see as attainable. I am still on my mission to land a permanent career, but I have been able to recognize issues in myself, which were wasting my time and making me unhappy. Through Erin’s coaching sessions I am learning to take direction of what makes me unhappy and to focus on the positives in my improvement, so I don’t get distracted when I have fallen short of a goal or expectation.  – Adam S.

Erin’s life coaching sessions are very helpful for all people of all ages at all stages of their life. After retirement, I was feeling a little bored with all my free time and felt I needed someone to provide me with some direction in my daily life. With a little guidance, I’m learning to manage my time and to organize my life so I am able to stay productive. My social life is flourishing and I’m feeling more accomplished at the end of my days after working on my goals. Erin’s coaching has enabled me to take charge of my agenda and make much better use of my free time like I always knew I could.  – Margaret S.